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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions that customers have asked.
Online Banking allows our customers secure and convenient access to their accounts using the internet anytime of the day, any day of the year. Some of the functions available with Online Banking are:
• Access and print information on all accounts including loans.
• Review and print transactions and statements.
• Confirm deposits, withdrawals and checks cleared.
• Transfer funds between accounts and make loan payments.
• Download transactions to the leading financial management programs.
You will need a connection to the internet, and a Web Browser, which supports 128-bit SSL encryption. Microsoft Edge is the preferred browser for our online banking portal. You also need account(s) with our bank and an assigned user ID and PIN.
Yes, a one-time application is required. Once the application is received by the bank and the information verified, we will issue an Identification Number and a PIN (Personal Identification Number). These numbers will be mailed to you under separate cover. You will use these numbers the first time you log-in and you will be required to change the PIN to a eight digit numerical and letter combination of your choice. That PIN will be used whenever you log in. Union Bank recommends that you do not choose an easily-identifiable PIN such as your social security number, telephone number, etc.
You must be a sole or joint owner on an account to have it added to your profile. If an account falls in this category and is not shown on your listing, simply call customer service to have it added.
Account transactions and balances are real-time and may change during the day as you carry out transactions. There may be delays from time to time because of processing or system issues, which we cannot control.
Power Pay is the online banking service that allows you to pay bills electronically or by check directly from your checking account.
On the top right of each page, you'll see "Enroll" Click on "Apply for Online Banking" and it will take you to an application. Check "Power Pay" and complete the application. Once you submit the application to us, we'll activate Power Pay on your Internet account and will advise you by e-mail.
No monthly fee with 10 items at no charge each statement cycle; each item is 50 cents there after.
You can pay a bill to anyone, either by check or electronically. You will enter the payee information, address, your account number and Power Pay will create and mail a check for you. If the payee is in the electronic database, the bill will be paid electronically.
Electronic payments are sent within 24 hours; checks are mailed within 24 hours of the time they are entered on Power Pay. Electronic payments are generally received by the payee within 72 hours. Check payments are mailed; normal mail time should be allowed.