We are making it official

For many years, we've gone by the name Union Bank, and now we're taking steps to make it official, simplifying the name from The Union Bank of Mena to how you know us, Union Bank. 

We're confident in the benefit this change will have on our customers, communities and bank over the long term. 

No action is currently needed by our customers. We will keep you informed as things progress so you'll have a clear understanding of when our website URL, mobile banking app, and emails will be impacted by the change. Even after implementation, our former URL and emails will re-directed to us. Our new web address will be a .bank domain. The strict registration requirements for .bank domains helps prevent users from being redirected to fake bank websites, makes it more difficult for criminals to phish and spoof emails from a .bank domain and requires strong encryption. Protecting our customers in this era of increasing cybersecurity threats remains a top priority for us.
The process of simplifying our name to Union Bank requires a newspaper public legal notice and filing with the State Bank Department. We expect the official change to take place this fall. 

Why are we making the change?
For many years we’ve gone by the name Union Bank, and now we’re making it official. We serve two-thirds of the residents of Polk County, and we want our name to be reflective of our service beyond Mena.

When will the change be effective?
We expect the official change to take place this fall, most likely early in the 4th quarter of 2023.

What changes will customers notice and what action will customers need to take?

Customers will not need to take any action at this time.

Is the bank ownership changing?
There is no change in our bank’s ownership or management. Our Board of Directors is committed to keeping our bank locally owned and operated. We believe we can best serve our customers, employees and communities with local shareholders and local decision making.

Is our bank routing number changing?
There is no change to our routing number.

Will there be changes to existing loan documents, CDs, signature cards, etc.?
No changes will need to be made to existing documents.

What isn’t changing?
Union Bank is the premier bank in Polk County, with offices in Mena, Wickes, and Hatfield. Our focus since 1934 has been on our customers and our communities, and we’re proud to continue that legacy of serving as the premier local bank in Polk County.

Thank you for being part of Hometown Banking At Its Best! We’re excited about our future together as Union Bank.